What are Amazon Marketing Options for Sellers?

Are you interested in letting people know about your product? Do you want to grow your product’s awareness? If yes is the answer to both the questions, but have not utilized the services offered by Amazon Advertising, you are missing out on some amazing opportunities. Amazon has offered PPC ads on its site for sellers willing to bid more than their competitors for prime advertisement placement. Now, Amazon offers much more than simply placing ads on the website which can be tracked with the help of an amazon sales tracker tool. It has introduced many advertising options for sellers to utilize in their marketing plans to reach new customers and spread awareness about the products.

Amazon Advertising offers some of the following services:

Sponsored Products

This kind of advertisement is probably the most familiar style of Amazon advertising as the sponsored products appear much like any other product ad that you see on Google. This kind of ad is typically exclusively to Amazon and appear in the search results and on product pages for the keywords you are targeting. The sponsored products can be displayed at the top of a search results page, on the side of a page, or somewhere in between. It means the said product will receive better visibility, more exposure, and more orders.

Sponsored Brands

These types of advertisements appear on the Sponsored Product ads, giving your Amazon brand exposure instead of just a single product appearing on the page. With these types of ads, you can include your brand logo, a customized headline and up to three of your products. These ads appear on the top search result pages for keywords you are targeting. Just like sponsored product ads, your product will receive increased visibility, which will help you grow your product’s sales.

Display Ads

Display ads term must be very familiar to you since they appear as banner ads you have seen on almost every webpage you have ever visited. These types of ads come in a variety of formats and deliver your message to customers on and even off Amazon. You can decide your personally developed text for your Display ad. You can also let Amazon make an ad for you with an auto-generation format. Display ads have the ability to inspire customers to take action and click on your ad link to be taken wherever you want to take them to, whether it’s your product listing or any specific landing page.

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