What Should You Consider Before Starting to Sell on Amazon?

Amazon is an amazing platform for new sellers, where it takes only minutes to sign up and a few more minutes to get your product listings live on the platform. With the intention to attract as many buyers as possible, Amazon is an ideal platform to make your product visible to millions of buyers. To get that extra edge, sellers tend to opt for an Amazon Seller Research Tool which helps in optimizing sales and getting ahead of the competition.

Amazon wants its Sellers to use FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is Amazon’s fulfillment program that they offer to all third-party sellers.Sellers put their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and when a customer places an order, Amazon responds to the customer’s query and fulfills the individual’s order instead of seller.Such products are eligible for Amazon Prime or Amazon Super Saver Shipping program.New sellers may insist on having their, own fulfillment capabilities, but thisFBA offer is meant to ensure the highest quality and consistent shipping experience for Amazon shoppers.


Amazon attracts a large number of sellers everyday that offer the same kind of products – the success of such companies is very much in question.In a battle of revenue and trying to differentiate from the crowd, Amazon sellers have to work harder each year to stay ahead of competition and earn more revenue.Therefore, the decision to become the best Amazon seller should not just be based on ease of sign up only and must know about the fundamentals about this marketplace to help you determine your fate.

Kick off By Listing Products on Amazon

Unless a brand does not allow the distribution of its products widely, you will find many resellers offering almost the same products on Amazon.This abundance of similar white label products, imported from China and soldby many sellers creates price competition as well as incentivesto ignore Minimum Advertised Pricing or Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing Policy. This meanslower margins.

Staying Ahead

Probably the most challenging aspect of selling on Amazon is your listing. This is your ‘shop window’ and shapes how your customer will view your product and brand. To keep yourself ahead of the competition it helps to have some type of Amazon FBA Software which can help you interpret and manage the multiple data points which you receive. Our discussion regarding this topic will continue in the next post as we will let you know about some more pointers that one must ponder on before starting to sell on Amazon.

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