What to Sell on Amazon? Tips to Find Top Trending Items

Seeing the amazing benefits and sales volumes that Amazon offers to sellers, you may have made up your mind to start your Amazon venture and may have also narrowed down the items or products that you want to sell on Amazon. You may be already following a mentor or have friends or distant relatives who have plenty of success stories to share with you. Or you may have already attended a seminar or webinar to crack the secret nut of being successful on Amazon using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Many people take these steps as they believe in doing a lot of homework before making actual big leap to get started.

Check the Top Trends

When it comes to selling products on Amazon, the goal should be to find items that people want to buy. It is not hard to find the products that sell like hot cakes. For inspiration, you can check the major sellers’ accounts and see what they are selling recently.  Remember, the experts over there will never waste a single penny on products that do not sell. Take advantage of their research, if you are new, and in a research phase. However, to conduct such research, you need to incorporate Amazon sellers tool that can help you draw the results you need to achieve.

Check Amazon Reviews

Another way to finalize your product niche to sell on Amazon is by closely monitoring and analyzing the online customers’ reviews. Closely look into what they are writing – what are they looking for and what do they find disappointing? Only after analyzing the customers’ reviews, you will be able to find the gap, which will help you develop your successful product line. The customers’ grievances about certain products can help you come up with the best and functional product, with which you can outperform the competition.

The work does not end here, as you need to put more efforts to bring your product to the first page of search results. Remember, customers always prefer what appears first when they search for a certain product. Once your product is live, taking care of your product listing, promos, reviews and more come into the picture. That’s where a product like Zontrack is invaluable.

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